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Bugio - Visual Bug Tracker

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Tailored for project managers, graphic designers and web developers

Bugio will collect your clients’ comments, help you add modifications and simplify project management

What sets it apart?

Learn the benefits of the Bugio platform


Adding hints and tips

The application will help you "pin" your hints and tips directly onto graphical designs. To that end, you may use the shapes and the text editor. Work on the images sent to you, use automatic screen shots or work “live” on the website.


Work conveniently with your team

Bugio will help you manage your tasks effectively. Assign every task to the right team members. Comment, discuss, tag, check as completed. Bugio will facilitate communication between you and members of your team.


Simple clear interface

Bugio is a simple intuitive tool that everyone is certain to find easy to operate. And this makes it helpful for your agency to maintain relations with your clients. Help your client point out the weaknesses of your design and save yourself time.


Designs always at hand

We have customised the application for mobile devices. Respond immediately when needed. Control your projects and always stay up to date.

Cooperation on projects

How does Bugio work?


Your client will find it easy to mark errors or highlight items in need of modification. Forget having to cope with hundreds of e-mails and illegible screens.

The team

Collect the opinions of your entire team before publishing your design. Have all of their comments available in one place.


Troubleshoot your design. Control all errors with a single tool.

Your team and your clients will easily explain to you what needs to be corrected

All it takes is one click of a mouse

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